Prologue, Part 1

G Xon on June 18, 2009

Let's clear some things up. 25 years have passed on the planet Mobius and a few things have changed:

Sonic- Age 42
His outfit was inspired by Sonic Adventure 3: Metal Mechanica, by Damien and Kajin. Go to the Mystical Forest Zone and read their comics now.

Amy- Age 39
Big time credit to Becca for the sprite. Don't know how I'd get this done without her.

Tails- Age 37
Credit to Nami for the older Tails sprites.

Cream- Age 37
She's smart in this one and she's really good friends with Shadow.
Credit to HC_Missle for the sprites.

Knuckles- Age 44 but looks around 34
Has Chaos Control.
His outfit was inspired by My Friends Next Door, by Kalma the Hedgehog. Go check out her awesome art at Deviantart.

Tikal- Age 43 but looks around 33
Also has Chaos Control. Didn't change her much. Sorry.
Credit to FroggyMudd for the sprites.

Shadow- 94 but looks around 42
The reason he didn't age was because of his Chaos Control, so by making the world safer he could stop using it and age normally and yes I just made that up and don't judge me.
Credit to shadow_91 for the sprites.

Rouge- Age 43
I know she looks sorta like Wonder Woman. Didn't mean to do that.
Credit to ZIG SONAR for the sprites.

Silver- Age 41 but looks around 39
If you remeber correctly, he has Chaos Control in Sonic ‘06.
Credit to Neox for the sprites.

Blaze- Age 42
Still hot.

I don’t know when this comic will actually be up and running, and I don't even know what its schedule will be. All I know is that there's probably gonna be about 2 or three more parts to the prologue before the story itself starts.