Raphael Joins The Brawl!!!

Valid Soul on Oct. 15, 2007

I can barely contain my excitement!!!

I thought this would be a fun little filler for you guys. I may do more of these if people demand it. Thanks goes out to Teron for his excellent rendition of Raphael. Quality work, as always.

Now, for some comic news. Work for page 45 - Ingeuity in Genocide has begun. It's going to be different from the other A007 issues, at least graphically. After listening to several constructive reviews, I've decided to implement some filters to help smoothen the characters when they're closed-up. Hopefully this will be easier on the eyes.

Also, some more changes will be made to Raphael, most notably around his head. Stay tuned to see what it is, and tell me if it works or not!

New page will be out this week, stay tuned, and keep showing your support and vote for American007 on Buzzcomix and KillBoredom!