Update: I'M ALIVE XD

Black Shimmer on May 3, 2007

Oh my word, can you believe it? Tovah and I aren't dead just yet. XD

Okay…where do I start…haven't been updating as much for laziness, school things, mild lost of interest for a short while (it happens to all of us sometimes XD) and yeah….

I started working on a fun trailer for this….with voices :D I stopped it, but I will get right back to it, and making more pages for this comic. All previous pages have been color, but the newer ones might either be color OR b&w, depending on how I feel. XD

Sorry to all those who keep waiting. XD Imma back now. XB I might not update as often as I used to, but I am most certainly not dead. ^^

Toodles my lovies~!