Read Daniel at it's main website!

SarahN on Aug. 21, 2012

If you want to read more Daniel, time to update your bookmarks!
Daniel website -

As I said on my last update, I already have my own website and a Deviantart gallery where I post Daniel pages. This Drunkduck mirror is just kind of sitting here and isn't giving me much but the occasional extra commentary from a select few people (who are still awesome for doing so though), and this extra bit of attention could be going to my own site. Drunkduck's current state of being frozen in an “under construction” state and all of it's lost features hasn't helped either.

To sum it up, there is very little reason for me to take the time to update the comic here.

I am very, VERY grateful to all of the people who have read and left feedback on all of my comics here at DD; Cwen's Quest, Daniel, and Vampire Phantasm…but unless Drunkduck becomes absolutely incredible one day I see little reason to come back here again.

I will still check out Drunkduck comics and comment though.

P.S. Cwen's Quest also has it's own website now.