Strip #1

seanh on June 14, 2009

Hi there

I haven’t been a part of the webcomics community since 07, when I had three weekly comics going on various sites, including Drunk Duck. After much thought, and even more hair loss, I decided to take a break for a while (there were other reasons as well, but I won’t go into them here). Basically, I had burned myself out. That is not a mistake I plan to repeat. Therefore, I will limit myself to a single weekly strip. It is a spin-off of FANTASY FILMMAKING 101, which you can still find here if you want to check it out. FFO worked for a while, but I realized fairly quickly that the formula I’d established wouldn’t last long. Hopefully, FANTASY CHARACTERS IN STORYTOWN won’t have that problem. Yep, I’m hoping this one lasts a good long while. Nope, I’m not done with these characters yet. Or they’re not done with me. (Fact and fiction, they just kind of blend together after a while)

Also, eventually this will update weekly, probably on Mondays, but it might take a while to get there. Please be patient. Assuming you see this and care. And there’s a you.

And a me. *checks brain in vat*