Last page done

confusedsoul on Nov. 5, 2010

Firstly I should apologise for not putting anything up in over a year and anyone with the patience to put up with that, thank you, but this is not really an update of sorts at all. This was the last finished page I completed and half way through painting the next one I realised I was having such problems with the beginning that the story was in danger of burning out fast.

So I'm no longer happy with the beginning of this. Although it is staggeringly obvious that the comics schedule is irregular, the reason there won't be any more updates is until the opening chapters are worth reading and I thought after so many months I should put up a reason rather than promising new pages “soon”, like the curse of so many dead fan fics.

For the mean time I will keep these pages up so I can fiddle with the HTML whenever, but when there are updates these will be moved elsewhere.