Gay Marriage- The meeting

nighthawk41 on March 7, 2010

So this comic almost didn't make it today. Allow me to explain (otherwise, just skip over the next paragraph, and you'll skip all the nerdy computer tech shit).
Many of you may recall that since I switched to Windows Vista (because I'm stupid like that) I had to switch to Photoshop CS4 since Vista won't support Photoshop 7.0. So I was trying to create that sprite in the second panel. I took Greg's gang leader sprite and Protoman's hand. At different points through this process, Photoshop would crash. No crash reports would come back to me or anything. So I figured “well, my computer's fucked.” I was pretty worried that it was something I wouldn't be able to fix. Well, after poking around a bit, I found out that CS4 comes with a feature called OpenGL Drawing. What it does is enable certain features, which I can't exactly recall at the moment. However, if your graphics card on your computer isn't up to date, OpenGL can cause problems with photoshop, and in fact, most of the problems I've had with photoshop were caused by this. So I turned OpenGL off. I use absolutely NONE of the openGL features to make sprite comics, but I am starting an intern ship in computer graphics, so I will probably have to update my graphics drivers some time soon. Last time I did that though, I started having a fuck load of problems with Yahoo messenger and Youtube. Fucking vista.

So anyway, about the comic- there's really not much I can say. So I guess I'll be off. See you all wednesday (hopefully)