Jump Starting Lonely Pair

Cool Fire Bird on July 28, 2009

Oh boy… I'm updating this and leaving this up for a few days then I'm officially removing Lonely Pair from Smackjeeves and Drunkduck.

Updating will still go on my website: http://www.coolfirebirdcomics.com/lonelypair.htm

Okay everyone, I am updating the art and fixing the story from chapter 1.

So I've decided to start all over and go from there.
I'm sorry to those who've been watching me the past 3 years, but I think this would really help Lonely Pair.

I wasn't even going to start over, but I've finally worked out everything I want to do with this comic and it REALLY needs this make over to work.
And the artwork has changed and gotten a lot better.

I hope everyone is okay with this. The old pages are coming down.

I will do my best to update much more and get to where I left off.

My blog and my journal and DeviantArt explain a lot of what I'm doing lately, which are a tone of different projects.

Thank you everyone for the support with Lonely Pair~