Michael: Cover

Darwin on Nov. 16, 2007

A teaser of things to come….

Michael is technically a sharkmue, though he has grown up sporting an almost human appearance. This has given him a false sense of security, a group of dedicated friends, and a confidence level that most freshmen don't possess going into high school.

When puberty hits however, his latent sharkmue DNA becomes active, and no one, not even his friends could ignore the changes.

How does Michael deal? Well that will be explained as we get this started!

I'm not planning on actually starting this comic until FFW is done, an estimate is January…

The pages will be soley done in pencils with just the word bubbles and dialogue done on the Photoshop.

This is a challenge to myself to use a differnet media and make it as detailed as possible (I mean backgrounds, shading etc…)

So I hope you will join me for my next page! I will be sure to announce it when the run will start! For now enjoy the teaser!