Page 30 - The End

DarkChibiShadow on April 14, 2009

This is the end of this comic, which has run for little over a year now.

There is alot of meaning in this comic, but me and Uke both decided this will be the end, and it is a good place to end this.

In my veiw, this comic was an impression of what me and Uke's relationship should have been like…

We fell in love over the internet, it was silly, it was fun, we are teenagers, not able to see each other, in a perfect world it would have played out like Toliki's and Seke's relationship.

But this is not a perfect world, and that is why we love this world.

There are a lot of deep and hidden feelings and meanings in this comic, it even almost ended when we ended our relationship together.

Uke was one of my first friends on DD, we grew together and apart and now she is going her life and different way growing up, and I am still here, growing thru art.

Even though this comic is ending, the memory still last on.

I'm sure we both put each other thru a lot, and we pulled thru a lot.

We both moved on, but never apart, truely.

I will always treasure this comic and what it means to me.
I hope you will all give it it's own meaning too.

Thank you so much for reading this collab of me and Uke.

Uke and Murk Murk, Toliki and Seke, DarkChibiShadow and Kohitsuji.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!