The End of GSC!

NovaManXP on March 31, 2011

Okay, so maybe this is a bad day to be uploading this (I mean, April 1st? ffff-), but I can tell you that I'm FO SRS about this.

You'll never see me on DD ever again, too.

EDIT: So maybe it was an April Fools joke… MAYBE. Honestly, DD being a piece of shit really is making me not want to keep going at the moment, that plus I'm having a horrible time this semester in my classes…

Double Edit: In case anyone actually sees this, this is actually a serious page now.

While this page is a piece of shit because I don't like it now at all, it will now serve as the finale of this god awful comic.

I had some fun doing this I guess, but holy hell looking back at this… I could've done something else, really.