#0 - Cover

NovaManXP on Sept. 20, 2009

SOMEWHAT similar to the teaser I put a couple days ago (that was updated with better text thanks to Kevin btw, go check it out.)

Next two weeks' updates are already done, so no worries to anyone who thinks I won't update this week or next. Worry about the week AFTER that though.

I'm becoming a whore for HG/SS… aren't I? :\

EDIT: Updated with new logo on October 25, 2009.
EDIT 2: Original Author Notes

Original Author Notes
Yeah, I remade it again. I think I may have overdone it this time.

But I DO like how it came out.

For the Pokemon sprites I used the Diamond/Pearl sprites for all except Celebi, I used R/S/E's sprite for it because Celebi's D/P sprite was really awkward, I mean.. find it and look at its arm… o_O; Besides, with the R/S/E Pose it was much nicer anyway. I thought at first the Legendary Dogs wouldn't fit in so I was a little worried, but they actually fitted into the page quite nicely. Also, to fill up some empty space I put normal sized sprites of the evolved starters our trainers got.

Also, don't worry about the next comic, GSC #37 has already been made, I'm just waiting for Kevin to finish the Photoshopping on it. :P

So for now, an unexpected update!

No shit it's unexpected, you hardly updated in the first place so even an update on Saturday was unexpected.