#1 - Waking Up

NovaManXP on Sept. 24, 2009

There we go. The first comic revamped. GSC #2's revamp comes next Friday. GSC #51 comes tomorrow.

Got Halo 3: ODST the other day. Fun as hell. It won't interfere with updates (I think), since usually the first few days I'll be playing the most, then I'll be getting back on the PC more and make more GSCs!

EDIT: Original Author Notes.

Original Author Notes
As you may see, I've remade Comic 1 and I will be remaking Comic 2 soon as well, because… my first two comics sucked! After #15 is finished, the remakes will replace the originals, so… yeah.

Except those ‘remakes’ still sucked, and the rest of your comic sucked but you were too blind to realize it.