Well, that went well. . .

DaMangaka on Nov. 30, 2010

Well, I don't know where to start.
I was supposed to get an update on my B-day (Nov 27), but the addition of me working at a Call Center from 2pm to 8pm, plus the fact I had to do this last Essay for school (FOREVER TO ESCAPE) and lastly with this new Printer/Scanner/Copier/Espresso making device that won't simply install in my main computer, I haven't been able to get my time to make a proper Komi.

Also, I have no idea if people is interested in RAM.
I am so way behind like you have NO idea, but I do intend to finish Pirate Summer. Question is: would you like me to upload Original Akihabara Madness? (The story before this madness) or just go on the next after the summer.

Oh and… BTW, if you use Kodak Gallery, be kind. . .