Page 30, Chapter 2-2

Aghammer on June 22, 2009

This page is just one of the girls at school chatting throughout the day. You can start to see the impact of the weird dream from chapter one on SaiSai. Kat is getting ready to bike her way into the storm… not the best decision :)

Oh, I wonder if anyone knows where I got the name Mimiko… it's from an anime and it made me laugh to use it ;)

Sorry for the delay guys, work has been a bear lately and I'm working most nights til late. Also, I took off a couple of days and went to Heros-con in NC. Very cool… Bendis was there as well as a ton of other big name artist/writers. And several webcomicers as well (although I didn't see any DDers.

Comments! I'm usually pretty good at leaving comments but I've been out of touch for a week from DD. I plan on catching up with everyone's work this week :)


WW, Thanks… for some reason Lucien and friends hang on roofs :)

Kaiya, Ah, yes, but don't tell anyone :)

Avie, Thanks! you shouldn't be and I back you are either a)back already, or b) will be back soon!!

TFGM, I thought I'd share a littl more info since chapter 1 was a mystery. And Thanks :) Digging your need avatar.

Little Sawn, Thanks.. I hope the plot is fun for everyone. :D

PeiPei, I agree and they are the bad guys. I thought it would be funny to make the evil one a little girl ;) Not sure why.

Mattchee, Thanks man. I might do a lot more color but I rushed this one with tones. :)

TheSkunktrainer, Hey! I'm glad you do… given how slow I update, you guys have a good memory..ha

Amanda, Thank you, thank you. I thought that would be fun. Lucian is in color too but he has black hair, and clothes and fair skin so who knows? HA

Mushroom, Dude, thanks! I agree, I enjoy a lot of black and white stuff. Terry Moore's Echo is B&W and limited tones, etc. and I love it.

Worstcase, Yes, yes, exactly!!

CZweig, Thanks!! I like the color too. I was gonna use pens but went with pshop instead… I like the results (of, at least that piece) :)

TokyoRose, Well thanks! Yeah, definitely evil… cute evil! The worst kind! She is ready with her umbrella :)

dotdotdot, Thanks man… I like the character too much to leave her b&w…ha

Niccea, that is so true and hey, watch that talk! :) Love your new avatar pic… awesome!

Tommym, I hope all is well with you! Oh yeah, that's Lucien. And you are correct… how we have to hope that he can't sway them to his evil side!

JNP, :P Nope, the dreams are over. So far, at least.. haha. And thanks man… I tried to make it overcast and ominous… wasnt' quite what I wanted but it never really is ;)