Chapter 1, page 4

Tantz_Aerine on May 1, 2007

Hey everyone!

*surrepticiously dusts the cobwebs*

This is not my main project so it was said from the beginning it wouldn't update too often, but this much time between updates is really ridiculous. So I will try to be much more prompt for the next page, since there is an action sequence to be done ;)

Oh, and for those wondering, Binah is a shapeshifting witch, not a furry. I tried to draw her in mid-transformation, but …O.o yeah. Still I like her stance ;)

Ok, responds!

Tommie Kelly: Thank you- that page was a milestone for me, so I was at the time.

mechanical lullaby: …true, true. But then again Iris gets underestimated by everyone.

I heart artists: Here you are! Update! I hope you like :)

Pink Diapers: She's an awesome character! I'm glad you like it.

F_Allen: Thanks ;)

Avian Floozy: Wow, thanks!

shaneronzio: Thanks! I hope I keep getting better.

Darwin: It's completely different in scope and purpose from Wolf. This is no mystery story- this is action, angst and love ;) Well ok, there are all these elements in Wolf too, but Wolf also has a touch of film noir which isn't present here.

lenamilo: I will not reshape Binah's power. Shapeshifting stays ;) Heaven help me depict it ok.

Wingnut: Thank you :) I love varied pencils. I also discovered varied erasers, so I'm going a little rampant with those too.

dracco: Binah always makes that impression, it seems. Hehee.

Freakeh: (where are you!?) Thank you for all the great words. Iris does feel that this is the end of the line for her- or well, until Binah shows up, who is stunning in the extent of her powers as opposed to what Iris can do (which right now is close to zilch).

Michael T: Thank you very much :) Indeed Binah is both sexy and powerful enough to back up her words ;)