Chapter 1, page 3

Tantz_Aerine on Feb. 12, 2007

Hey everyone!

I must say, this is one page that took me far more than I had estimated it would. O.o That shading is insane! In any case, I am rather happy with it, especially for the van in panel one. Hehehe. I went a little rampant with Iris' hair though, and I blame my latest acquisition of a 5B pencil.

Ok, responds!

rana: *blushes* Thank you!

dracco: I'm glad you like! Hope you'll keep reading.

ObecomingX: Thanks :) It does take up most of the time needed for each page.

Freakeh: Absolutely. Hee hee hee ;) Shut in a dark space and listening to ominous sounds is scary indeed! And you got it right, I do tweak the way I draw the eyes to suit my needs :) *hands you cookie* I am glad you are enjoying this as much as I'm enjoying your reviews!

Michael T: I never hold back for the swim backwards, you know that already, don't you? Don't worry, I intend to stick everything out till the very end.

Darwin: Heh heh heh. And it only gets worse from here! I'm glad you like!

Pink Diapers: *hides time turner, magic wand, magic lamp and everything else* No no. Nothing uncommon to report here! *big grin* Hee. Joking aside though, I do love all my projects, and perhaps that's why I get to find time for them. That and being a single insomniac helps a lot ;)

Lenamilo: Heh. I want to pick out the cast. That's a must.

Ok, that's it! I'm off to prepare Wolf now, so look out for it! See you all!!