Jeremy Ray on March 9, 2018


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I'm putting XTIN on hiatus until I can find a way to make it commercially viable. I suspect there aren't many more than ten people who are following this, and maybe five of you are contributing on Patreon, so, well, you can see for yourself that this isn't the way to get the job done. I'm going to finish Moon Weapon Seaman X and then I'll evaluate the Way of the Waifu anthology for hiatus as well. The thing is, these projects haven't created much growth on my Deviant Art account, and none on my Patreon in several months. They're just keeping me from getting paying work done, and that isn't going to fly when dumb things like my dog impaling himself on a tree are happening. I've got six pages of Seaman X to get done, and then we'll see what the response to it is. If it seems like it's viable to continue on to the next waifu story, I'll do that, but I suspect I'll be doing fan art pin ups and trying to get into better freelance work.