Mourou on Aug. 6, 2006

This is pretty much so I have something to work on when Pandemonium's pissing me off.

I'm not really planning on making an effort to explain the world in which this takes place. You can find out about that at or at If you have questions, either about the world or the content of the comic, they can be asked at

Alright, lemme say who all's in this picture… There in the front, the elf in the mask, that's chaos god Kimohr Raulinn. The blonde man next to him is Raettonus and the unicorn behind Raettonus is Brecan. The lavender haired fellow with the triangles and stitches on Kimohr Raulinn's other side is Kirash. Behind Kirash is Guardian Kurok, god of warriors. The blue haired chap next to Kurok is Guardian Dokkdan. The freakishly normal seeming girl is Nolena and the guy in the wolf skin next to her is Hydreki. That dragon behind them is Guardian Sowel and the Unicorn next to him is Guardian Bregdan. That guy wedged inbetween them who I almost forgot about completely, is Sir Slade.

These are some of the characters, but not all of them. I don't know how many of these guys will show up, as I'm just gonna come up with these as I go along. The comic will be a series of short stories, really. Pretty much things I wanted to write as stories, but couldn't find a place to put them. So, yeah…