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The Duck, formerly DrunkDuck, is a website that provides free hosting services for webcomic creators. Founded in 2002 by Dylan Squires, it has evolved into one of the largest online webcomic communities. In addition to free hosting, The Duck also provides in-depth art, writing, and technical tutorials written by members of the The Duck community, a robust forums section to interact with one another, a user-generated merchandise store for creators to sell their work to their fans, and many other wonderful free features.

In 2010, The Duck was acquired by WOWIO Inc., a growing eBook marketplace, and along with its sister site, the three sites have come to comprise the "WOWIO family". The goal of the three sites is to compliment each other in such a way as to allow webcomic creators a clear path to growing as an artist and honing the quality of their content, attract an enthusiastic audience and increase the popularity of their work, and eventually translate that work into a revenue stream.

The Duck provides the foundation of that plan. We offer many free tools and a strong community to not only help a webcomic creator publish their work online, but also to continually learn and grow as an artist. As the quality of the work improves, so will the quantity of the audience.

Our mission for The Duck is to make the best possible home on the web for webcomics, and for the webcomics community.

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