Featured March 14, 2018
Teen, 20 pages

Richard Wallace, a popular race car driver, has just transferred to Racing University after dropping out of school where he is the only non-hairy student on campus. He has to race daily as he is on a full scholarship, but he has already caught the eye of some of the ladies on campus, namely, the leopard lady, Shawa Roberts. How will Richard's life drastically change at his new school? The art is in full digital color. There are plenty of car views and drawings of anthropomorphic animals for fans of the genre.
Relive uncomfortable University experiences and read Fluffy 500 by IronHorseComics, rated T!

Featured March 7, 2018
Teen, 166 pages

Time to take down some Hoosiers! We open to an armed and very dangerous catgirl taking on a massive villain who's a cross between The Macho man Randy Savage and the Kool Aid guy. It looks bad for our sexy little plucky hero but we know this battle could only ever go one way… Kitty is a bounty killer working in Orange County California. Bounty Killers do what the police can't and get paid a nice reward in the process. There are exciting fights, titanic battles and plenty of humour in this funny action comic. The art is all black and white, drawn on paper and digitally inked. Enjoy this rollicking ride. There are plenty of pages to sink your fangs into!

Read Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, by MoeAlmighty, rated T.

Featured Feb. 28, 2018
Everyone, 75 pages

Let plant lovers and lovers of architectural dwellings rejoice! Here is a comic that will teach you a TON about trees and leaves and will put a kawaii (cute) face on it. In addition to this comic being visually calming, there are important messages in it like why we should help save the sea turtles in the ocean. This comic will teach some new facts about different type of plants and architectural structures.
The art is drawn digitally, but it looks like it is painted on the side of a cement building.
Learn something new and read KAWAIIDOLIA by skepticalsquare, rated E!

Featured Feb. 21, 2018
Teen, 24 pages

This is the origin story of a superhero pair. A mysterious baby arrives from nowhere in the middle of a thunderstrom… years later an evil sexy lady dressed all in red arrives in the night to shake things up. MegaRdaniels has been developing this comic for quite a long time now, the art and writing have both shown great improvement in that time. The story is in the superhero style, action, drama comedy. The art is stylised realism, full colour, digital. Lets home MegaRdaniels has many more pages to come!

Read Stringy and Mopy, by MegaRdaniels, rated T.

Featured Feb. 14, 2018
Mature, 16 pages

A mysterious murder has been unveiled when Detective Jack's android partner, Daisy, has been found dead in her apartment with a bullet wound in her head. After falling off the wagon and going on a binge-drinking bender, Jack is assigned a new partner and has to figure out what is happening to the androids in the city. It turns out that Daisy was not the only android acting strange days before her death.
The art is hand drawn using traditional inking methods. All the pages are in black and white and offer nice cityscapes and action sequences.
Uncover the mystery of the city's androids and read Flesh and Wires by ngrootendorst, rated M!

Featured Feb. 7, 2018
Everyone, 20 pages

Cassidy is a sleepy wolf who does nothing all day. He never really gets into trouble because he just doesn't DO much anyway. All that changes in the blink of an eye when his front door is bashed in and he's attacked by two dogs claiming that he's a murderer! The art is full colour and digital (the colouring is anyway), It's slightly stylised with an American animation look to it. The story is action adventure and depicts a world ruled by canines. Read it while it's fresh! Read Fallen World, by Epic SaveRoom, rated E.

Featured Jan. 31, 2018
Teen, 31 pages

Chapter One: Red Initiative. When Lu returns to his shop, his apprentice/female cousin Lully feels like overstaying her welcome. His one goal is to learn about immortality. The next morning, Argus, a pretty-boy (bishie type) enters the scene and greets the two cousins during their morning conversation. After a failed attempt at exploring a mysterious cave, a winged Wyvern descends on the whole city.
This comic is written in a manga format, so it is read right to left. Most of the pages are in black and white and created using digital ink.
Learn the difference between a dragon and a wyvern and read Red Banner by Hungie, rated T!

Featured Jan. 24, 2018
Everyone, 27 pages

oni Kino befriends a happy little dog, rescuing it from a grumpy old bearded guy who claims it's getting into his dreams. Of course Toni isn't having any of that nonsense and brings home the dog to his daughter. But pretty soon he starts to have strange encounters and weird things happening to him! This is a fun, humorous comic with more than a touch of the supernatural. It's a mystery supernatural story told with a lot of humour. The art is full colour and nicely stylised, it reminds me a little in Tintin. Andyarts is Finish so English is a second language, this means the syntax is sometimes a little unusual but quite beautiful and individual because of it.

Read Toni Kino Adventures, by Andyarts, rated E.

Featured Jan. 17, 2018
Teen, 78 pages

Happy New Year, 2018! ArGH ZoMBiE is a one-panel comic that follows the life of an adorable little zombie. Each day the zombie gives an update on the status of an imminent zombie apocalypse or shows off new dance moves. It is a rather cute and amusingly unconventional comic with references to pop culture.
The art has a crayon and pen sandbox feel even though it might all be created digitally. All pages are in full color.
Celebrate the new year with a new zombie friend and read ArGH ZoMBiE by skepticalsquare, rated T!

Featured Jan. 10, 2018
Teen, 67 pages

Vincent is a bit of a chunky skunk, at least that's how handsome Ben Hopper describes him, leaving him flustered and angry. But it turns out that Ben's feelings were a little friendlier than Vincent thought… Teenage love and dating! This is a cute romance comic about awkward young love between high-schoolers. They just happen to have some animal traits: furry tails and ears… The art is all digital, in full colour and stylised in Jaymzeecat's own particular and very recognisable style. This story moves along at a nice fast pace following the developing relationship between Vincent and Ben and introducing us to Vincent's friends, Ethan and Maddie.

Read Chunky Skunk, By Jaymzeecat, rated T.

Featured Jan. 3, 2018
Teen, 47 pages

The small town of Barnsley (Tarn) of Northern England is about to get a visit from outer space. Stanley Ramsbottom is an every-man skilled as an electrician, handyman, and plumber was getting ready to clean some vermin when he is confronted by a beast in a laundry dryer in his basement. He gets and unexpected visit from Fritz, a German scientist, who helps Stan eradicate some alien lifeforms.
The art is in full pages of digital color. The character designs have very zany expressions.
Get entertained by one bloke's struggle against a shedload of aliens and read Invaded by Twisted Koala, rated T!

Featured Dec. 27, 2017
Teen, 19 pages

The post apocalyptic world where Aiden lives is not suited to him. He's an intellectual, a reader, and a thinker. His world requires survival skills, hard work, and subsistence living. The day to day is a struggle. There are vicious, savage monsters in this world, hungry for living human flesh… like Aiden's mind is hungry for the seductive knowledge of the old world; culture, history, science, and religion. He knows that people can be greater. There's more to life than mere survival.
The art is all full colour. This is a post apocalyptic SciFi story! Get into it and enjoy!

Read Et Spiritus Divino, By EtSpiritusDivino, rated T.

Featured Dec. 20, 2017
Everyone, 25 pages

Annie and Danielle have been best friends since the day Danielle defended Annie from a group of bullies at the sandbox. The two girls have grown up and grown really close with Annie harboring a secret that she has not brought up to Danielle. After learning about Danielle's newest job opportunity across the pond, Annie is determined to have another adventure for old times sake with her best friend and the two find themselves camping in the middle of a snow covered forest. They are about to experience something much scarier than ten-year-old bullies.
The art is in full digital and vibrant color. The art style is pretty and professional.
Head out on a Winter vacation and enter the dark forest to discover the Secret of the Woods by Enghurrd, rated E!

Featured Dec. 13, 2017
Everyone, 202 pages

More and more demons are coming into our world! They crave human flesh… The military can't stop them and the angels are outnumbered. Fortunately there's a special team who're dedicated to studying and defeating demons, led by the amazing and young doctor Isia. But are their motives pure like those of the angels, or as corrupt as the demons they destroy? This is a classic manga comic in style, all black and white, hand drawn and digital. Even though the story makes use of some standard tropes it's intelligent and well written with a good flow. You will mid this an enjoyable read!

Read Project Prince, By Settha, rated E.

Featured Dec. 6, 2017
Everyone, 53 pages

HangryHermit's comic, Really, will take you inside the home of an Asian-Canadian family where you can enjoy the day-to-day. This nuclear family is made up of a father, mother, and their two young daughters. It is a really family friendly comic for all ages with some cultural references sprinkled into the jokes such as moths being ancestors and having to be a classical music prodigy in order to get an iPad.
The art is purely digital. The colors are very vibrant and bold!
Enjoy a comic that gives a clearer picture into the world of a Canadian family and read Really by hangryhermit, rated E!

Featured Nov. 29, 2017
Mature, 66 pages

Sometimes boredom is an enviable state. Unemployed mercenary Tameka is about to find out why, when the normal life she's built for herself is cruelly shattered and she has to take up her sword in anger once more… Tameka is a dangerous woman with a troubling reputation in her home world, how much is myth, how much are true stories? In this world though no one knows that. In this world she had peace… till now.
The art is fully digital and nicely coloured. The story has action, adventure, comedy and terror. Mercenary Bound skips along at a good pace with effortless flashbacks and forwards (very hard to do!), you'll find it a fun read, though you may have to zoom in to read some of the text on occasion!

Read Mercenary Bound, By Angelajal91, rated T.

Featured Nov. 22, 2017
Mature, 63 pages

In the ninety-ninth year of the fifth age, a chain of events changed the world forever. An immortal emperor is at the center of a planned attack and the group behind it maybe close to him. After a plan to hurt the lord is thwarted due to his unclean blood, his attackers stop at nothing to make sure he does not come back. This is a folk story told by dragons. “The armies will be defeated, the fortresses will be collapsed, the pious lose their masks, and the world will mired in chaos and madness. Or not?”
The art is drawn and painted digitally. All pages are in full color.
Enjoy this tale of Solme, the heart of the Universe, where the fate of the world is resolved and read Obsession eternal by Zakriyaza, rated M!

Featured Nov. 15, 2017
Mature, 47 pages

Wainwright and Marcel are investigating a derelict space hulk drifting in the void, when things start to get eerie… Marcel has a terrifying vision. Is it a trick of the mind, madness, or something more sinister? A vision of things to come perhaps. This is thriller, mystery, SciFi, suspenseful space story with more than a little trace of Cthulhu and cosmic horror! The Constellation Chronicle is a pretty, fully coloured graphic novel comic with fully digital art. It updates frequently so be sure to follow along with its progress!

By Emevsa, rated M

Featured Nov. 8, 2017
Mature, 15 pages

In a world that believed in powerful gods, the qualities of demi-gods have entered the gene pool. Unfortunately, a widespread disease has wiped out a large part of the population. Some of the remaining people left on earth are the descendants of banished demi-gods and have become stronger. They have connections to mythical creatures like large flying black birds.
The art is very professional and has very detailed and intricate character designs. It is in full color and the art is drawn digitally.
Look inside a world of magical beings with godlike qualities and read Spark Book 1 by FlyByThunder, rated M!

Featured Nov. 1, 2017
Mature, 395 pages

Life as an American Hero is a tale of revenge, sisterhood, national security and superpowers! Sylvia, Luna, and Rachel are sisters and rivals, but when tragedy strikes their parents they know they'll have to set their rivalries aside to team up and go after the bad guys. This is a manga style comic with a manga style story. It's really fun to see how much it sticks to all the tropes and styles! It has consistent, colourful artwork in the manga style, 100% digital. The story is a revenge action adventure tale with plenty of fights and drama. There's at least 330 pages here so quite a LOT to get going with. You'll find yourself devouring pages in no time.
Read My Life as An American Hero, by Angentny003, rated M.

Featured Oct. 25, 2017
Teen, 141 pages

A town overrun with monsters once had a short-lived peaceful history. Years before Pollard Landis was born, his father, the town's hero defeated a personified form of Fear and sealed it deep within the ground. One day when Pollard was ten-years-old, he witnessed his Mother being taken victim by a vengeful Fear Demon, leaving a stone frozen shape of his mother in its place. The Fear Demon has manifested in the town and five years later, a group of survivors is rising up to take back their home.
This comic is mostly in black and white and uses hand lettered text.
October is the best time to read this story, so kick off Halloween and read Do You Like Fear by sarokophoenix before you go trick-or-treating, rated T!

Featured Oct. 18, 2017
Mature, 56 pages

Read Adventures with Captn Heroic, by Jonathan_Greer_, rated M.

Featured Oct. 11, 2017
Mature, 24 pages

Just in time for Halloween comes the frightful tale of a small town under siege by rabid ZOMBIE raccoons! These little critters are actually pretty cute until they acquire a taste for brains. This comic would definitely make anyone think twice before walking alone outside in the middle of the night. The jump scares in this story are pretty cute mixed with hilarious.
The comic is drawn entirely with digital ink. The pages maintain a limited greyscale color palette with small bursts of color.
You better hide in your home before undead raccoons begin falling from the sky and read Lexi's Fight Against the Dead by JhonCrowWorks, rated M!

Featured Oct. 4, 2017
Everyone, 44 pages

There's some troubled relationships amongst the tribe… when you're hunter gatherers living in a lush green forest full of dangerous animals, irresponsible behaviour could mean death! Harp isn't making many friends with her impulsive devil-may-care ways, riding a wolf-like gruuf through the middle of the hunting party… Things are about to get very real for her, Flow and young Fleet when the monstrously savage Nobre'kahn rips apart their little world!
The art is all full colour digital with and charming, individual style. It's an action adventure, fantasy story about friendship, fear and fearlessness.

Read Journey Through NhauWe, by Hunchdebunch, rated E.

Featured Sept. 27, 2017
Everyone, 43 pages

Reading Fun Streak is about as fun as running buck-naked across a football field during a half-time show. The comic strips vary between stand alone jokes that last a page to actual drawings made on the DrawQuest app. This comic has jokes that are inspired by pop culture references, modern times, and life.

The art is drawn and colored with digital paint. The pages sizes vary, but mostly show up in a half page comic layout.

Break away from a busy day with some humor and read Fun Streak by area5_1 E!


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