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Man I don't even friggin' know. Get off me.

RRRRNG So I started this thing when I woke up today and now I am basically finished uploading all the comics I have to do so with. Now that I'm looking at all of it collected and assembled like this, it doesn't seem like a terrible lot I've been working on… ah well. I'll be updating this at a semi-regular pace. I'm gonna make a solid attempt to at least do a few a week, if not more than just a few. If I don't get laaaaaaazy. And who knows? I might do a comic series with a coherent plot. I've done it before. Once. Sort of. I got bored. But I MIGHT. And that scares me. So anyway, hey. Hope you like non-objective comics, ‘cause that’s mostly what I do~ <3<3


what the hell

man I have got heartburn like you would not BELIEVE right now. QUIT THAT SHIT ESOPHAGUS. QUIT IT.


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