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If anyone is interested in a ZaDr RP (Zim and Dib romance roleplay) this is the place to be! I would love to roleplay! I can be either Zim or Dib and I have got some experience, so do not worry!



I have been drawing for quite some time now; whole my life… And my art does not look to horrible, but of course, it could be improved a lot. If you have any tips to make my art and comics look better please post them here.



I am plotless. Shout your ideas around here. Make them as weird and gross as you like, I might use them. How do you think IZ Acceptance should continue; let me know.


IZ Links

Do you have got some cool Invader Zim related links, maybe even ZaDr? Please, post them!



Post whatever you want here. Random stuff you want of your mind… Yell at me if I miss an update, hang me upside-down if I slack, call me names if the new pages suck. Or maybe some good things: Give me compliments, comfort me if I am upset, celebrate my succes. Also stuff you just wanna say to me or others…


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