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A question about orphanages...
kyupol at 6:00PM, July 1, 2006
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Do orphanages in the USA have a built in school where the children just study there? Or is the school separate?

Just tryin to be accurate as possible…
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Aurora Moon at 10:39PM, July 1, 2006
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it depends on what sort of orpanhange you're looking for. American, british, etc..

and of course there's the matter that american oraphanges are run differently in each state, as according to the state laws.

the oraphanages in my state is just crap…they'll let anybody be foster parents and such, which ends up in a lot of kids being taken on by trailer trash people who's trying to keep their redneck side serect. and the worst part? they just use those kids for cash cows, snice you get paid by the state to take on those kids even if it isn't permently.
this results in a lot of problems for kids here.. espeically if they haven't learned how to keep thier rooms and thier clothes clean. and the kids raised by those trailer trash parents are just about as rude as you can get, and more than likely they get allowed to smoke the ciggerates and drink the beers when nobody's looking.
so THAT results in adoptive parents looking somewhere else because they don't want an hassle in training an kid in all that when they want a kid that already knows how to keep himself reasonably clean, etc, and doesn't have drug problems.

Gah, I so hate the system….
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