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Allergic To Your Pet
warefish at 3:40AM, Dec. 5, 2008
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I'm allergic to my own cat… I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no! We didn't buy her like normal people. We found her on the streets and no one seemed to own her. So we kept her… much to my despair… :(
Don't get me wrong though! I still love cats! I just like dogs better ‘cause I’m not allergic to them.
So anyway, I was wandering if anyone else was going through the same shit…

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Skullbie at 7:46AM, Dec. 5, 2008
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My mom's allergic to cats and we have 8. Her guilt from a childhood of allergys stopping her bro&sister from having pets makes us accumulate them >0 CAT POWERR
Anyhow the only times she gets stuffy is when the cats get in her room or she accidentally rubs her face after petting them, so just keep them out of areas you sit for a long time(i.e. bed) and get some ‘advair’ or whatever brand allergy medications they have out.

But you should put up a ‘pet found’ sign somewhere, if the cat really isn't a stray the family that last owned it is most likely sad it's gone.
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Arashi_san at 3:31PM, Dec. 5, 2008
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We have four cats, two of them are sisters born from a cat we picked up from the street, one of them was given to us because the previous owner couldn't keep him due to being pregenant, and the fourth one we found on the streets. Thank goodness no one in my family is allergic to them, all of us being extreme cat-lovers.
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Custard Trout at 3:39PM, Dec. 5, 2008
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My mother and I were allergic to the cat we used to have, and the dog she got a bit before he died. I love cats and hate dogs, though, regardless of my allergies.
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machinehead at 3:48PM, Dec. 5, 2008
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I'm not allergic to cats in the sense that the make me sneeze or bother my skin. I just really hate cats. So naturally we have six. I do kinda like my cat Brisco he is a little bad ass. But the rest of the cats just piss me off.
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Aurora Moon at 4:32PM, Dec. 5, 2008
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I'm allergic to massive amounts of fur and pet dander.

yet, I own a dog. :P but it's fine since how I brush her once a week. and that stops her from shedding fur too much.I also bathe her once in a while to get rid of any dust or dander that she might have on her body. That usually does the trick.

and for the rare days when it doesn't, I do have allergy meds on hand.

I also keep her off my bed. otherwise I get itchy like I'm developing hives for some reason. (no, she doesn't have fleas or anything like that).

you could be allergic to the cat dander that they have in their fur rather than the cat itself… so you could find some ways to reduce it, and you'd be fine then without even needing meds 80% of the time.

Edit: also be sure to get one of those roller things, washable covers for everything if your cat is the type that sheds a lot. helps a lot with allergies, trust me.
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warefish at 5:45PM, Dec. 5, 2008
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But you should put up a ‘pet found’ sign somewhere, if the cat really isn't a stray the family that last owned it is most likely sad it's gone.
We did. For three months straight. But nobody claimed her.

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Katsu at 8:09AM, Dec. 7, 2008
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Allergy meds like zyrtec are wonderful. My husband is allergic to most furry animals and usually will curb his reactions. There is a generic of it for sale at CVS or other fine pharmacy establishments.

For the record we keep rabbits, the only furry animals besides mice that my hubby isn't allergic to. :/
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Biz3 at 12:17PM, Dec. 7, 2008
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Last allergy I can remember having was an allergy of nuts, which vanished a few years later. Pretty bad luck to be allergic against something you're around just about every day, heh.
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Lonnehart at 11:51PM, Dec. 7, 2008
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Y'know? It'd be a really REALLY bad thing if you were allergic to cats AND be afficted with a disease called toxoplasmosis; a fungus that lives in your brain and makes you attracted to cats. O_X
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Croi Dhubh at 8:22PM, Dec. 8, 2008
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I learned I was allergic to cats…but it doesn't seem to be all of them.

I wasn't allergic to my cat or the one I got when that one died…but after my cat was at my father's when I was in the Army and I came back, I was allergic as hell.

My ex's cat didn't bother me, either. However, her friend's cat kills me
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supermathsbeaver at 1:17AM, Feb. 11, 2009
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I've heard that hayfever medication works well for the symptoms of other allergies as well. My rabbit's fur gets everywhere and makes me quite ill sometimes but he's so cute and smelly I really don't mind that much.
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lastcall at 4:22AM, Feb. 11, 2009
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I used to be allergic to cats. When I was a kid, we had to give away my cat because of it. Then I started taking allergy shots for several years and I am no longer allergic. …But now I have a husband who is allergic to cats and he's to stubborn to get allergy shots. So I'll never have another cat, much to my dismay.
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machinehead at 3:53PM, Feb. 11, 2009
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My mom used to tell me I was allergic to cats just because she hated cats. Its always good to lie to your kids and tell them that they can't have things because they have an allergy. Then later in life tell them they were lying and that she just didn't like cats. Bitch!
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usedbooks at 4:02PM, Feb. 11, 2009
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I'm mildly allergic to some cats, and the allergies come and go. I used to be pretty allergic to my cat April, but not so much anymore. I was very allergic to a cat we had for a while, though. She'd give me full blown asthma attacks.

I'm mildly allergic to rat dander too, and I have 15 rats. The females and hairless ones don't affect me too much, but most of the males do. The rats don't stay in my bedroom anymore, AND I now live in a place with hardwood floors instead of carpets, so most of my allergies have cleared up. (Seriously, fabrics of all kinds, especially carpets, are the WORST for people with allergies.)

Ever notice that people tend to be allergic to things they love? My dad is allergic to shellfish but loves it. (He used to take medicine and eat it anyway but can't even do that anymore.) I hate shellfish – but could eat it if I *wanted* to.
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