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Anyone Want To Do Fan Art For DemonIzzed?
Tim Wellman at 12:07PM, Jan. 25, 2007
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I created a page for fan art on my DemonIzzed site, so if anyone would like to do something I'll put it on the fan art page and give you a link back to your comic. I get 300-400 page views a day, and that should increase, so, it's a decent way to get some extra hits for your comic, and I get some fan art to put on the page :-)

Fan art can be anything to do with Izz, Ren, or Cassi (other characters will be introduced in the coming weeks, and this call for fan art is open-ended, so feel free to draw any of the characters as they're introduced)… doesn't have to be manga style, I'd love to see some different takes on the characters. The cover (first page) shows the way they'll be mostly dressed, but modern clothes are fine too. Pinups or 4 panel comic strips are welcome.

A quick rundown of the characters:
-Izz, 6 inch tall demon girl… sexy build, not ditzy, but pretty impulsive
-Cassi, sexy older (21) sister of Ren. Tall, busty, quiet type
-Ren, ‘Daria’ type personality… sarcastic, nihilistic, but has a heart she tries to keep hidden. She's 16, not particularly pretty or sexy, but not ‘ugly’ either… average, I guess.

All three characters will soon be in 15th century England, fighting with swords, but right now they're in modern times.

Read the comic for more character description :-)

Send me a message with a link to your art, or let me know and I can provide ftp upload space for you to send it to me. I reject no one, all are welcome!
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