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Artist looking for Short Story
roma at 1:19PM, Sept. 1, 2007
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joined: 4-5-2006
Right now I'm working on writing my own story but I need practice so, If anyone has a short story, poem or a guest page on your own existing project. I am a serous artist and I always finish what I start.I would love to participate a long term project but I do not have the time.

Sample of my art.

Sequential Art sample.

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marine at 11:29PM, Sept. 1, 2007
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I've got some stuff you could draw for my comics if you'd want to. I got a more comedic and just generally campy/kischy style to my work.

Not to toot my own tooter, but I am nominated for Best Writing in the drunk duck awards…
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roma at 9:03PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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Sure, I was hoping not to get into anything too…gloomy
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Etial at 6:17PM, Sept. 10, 2007
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Would you mind doing a weekly installment comic to headline for a gaming community/ clan/ team?

It would include the following elements/ fantasy/ gaming/ comedy/ current events/ and all the while have a real story line going on in the background with a begging, middle, and end unlike other web comics oriented like this.
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Tantz_Aerine at 3:05PM, Sept. 11, 2007
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If you're interested, I'd be delighted to have you as a guest artist for a few pages of
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Beautiful_Flames at 3:07PM, Sept. 13, 2007
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I have a story/poem you could use called “The Cloth Winged Fairy”. I'll send it to you if you want.
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