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Artist looking for work
Hayakain at 12:04AM, Feb. 7, 2010
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My style is clearly defined manga/hybrid, I tend to draw a lot of girls and anthro style. My humans are more along the lines of Joe Mad :D
Looking for any small projects along these lines, my rates are very affordable and flexible. Please check out my comic here or my more known work at
Check out
OR for other works :D

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Raziel_X007223 at 5:50AM, Feb. 8, 2010
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Hello, I would be interested in working out a new story with you.. PQ me or email me at

I would love get something going with you… So, give me a shout out!
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Kroatz at 3:45PM, Feb. 9, 2010
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I'd like a short team up too, a ten page story here on the duck, pq me if you seem interested. You can be either writer or artist though I'd prefer artist.
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