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Artist needed for a new comic story.
Psychobabble at 10:27PM, July 22, 2008
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Alright, so I have been working on a fairly ambitious story for about a year now. I am still in my first draft of the script. The thing is my crappy style that works for Psychobabble would not work for this more serious piece, so I need a more traditional artist to draw. Without giving too much away, the story deals with the characters of multiple concept albums, mostly focusing on albums by The Who and Pete Townshend's solo career. This is not fan fiction… it is a philosophical exploration of the themes expressed in the albums.

This is just a feeler right now. I am trying to see if anybody out there would even be interested in doing the art for this kind of project. It will be fairly serious, but there will of course be plenty of sarcasm and humor thrown in.
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