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Blogs question mark?
marine at 4:22PM, July 5, 2007
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I write. Actually, type. I talk just like I type on here. Its such a severe amount of nonsensical ranting, that I still don't feel my presence on the forums is enough. So I type in my authors comments. Gigantic bricks of text that are near-legendary. So someone told me I should be doing a blog. I know nothing about blogs or blogging, I just know that I have a stream-of-conscious thought process that comes up with terrible (some argue hilarious) ideas that are original (some argue unoriginal) like Scat Cat,“The Great Hero” - Rape Man, or even the ever popular Big Angry Black Guy, but comics just ain't enough. Some people hate my comics (some argue the comics are great) while others hate my writings but love my comics. So after some deep thoughts and inner monologuing (a google search and two clicks) , I came up with a blog. Generally after about a few weeks, I go back and delete rants so people can't take what I said out of context. I'm sure I've said dumb shit, but my stance is that anything I've said after about 2003ish is canon.

I don't really know how to blog. Am I supposed to just write about my day? My usual formula for authors comments are I talk about my day, drama I've seen on the internet, plug something for someone else or name drop occasionally, and then mention the comic for that day. Some days I got nothing to say really. Should I just write “well I laughed at hardcore porn today. Its friday so Howard Stern had on a reply, but it was kinda lame without Artie, Bejy, Richard Christy, or Sal The Stockbroker contributing. Also the censored nature of the show from older tapes just kills me. Other than that, I took a big dump. It was brown, but I thought I saw some red coloration. I should probably see a doctor. I am dying. If only inside my mind.” Stuff like that isn't interesting at all. At least in my opinion. Now if a crackhead friend of mine stays with me for a weekend and does crackhead stuff, or if I told the story of a crackhead aqauintance staying with me for a week and being generally cracked out, that would be interesting I think. I always try and develop stuff up. I want to do good blogs, stuff that nobody else could ever write about. I sure as fuck don't want to whine about sophomoric “mickey mouse shit” drama. I don't know what the right ettitqute is for blogs either. Do I tell all? Do I use words like fuck and cunt? Or cunt fucker? Or “That was one time that, above all else, the cunt was fucked. Horribly fucked.” I don't know. I'm not sure if cunt fucking is even appropriate. I'm thinking of just doing what I do and winging it with the blog stuff. I'm trying to step it up and tell some of the stories I told in my act. I'm just wondering what kind of content you guys would read? Do you want to hear all about my day of playing xbox 360 games? Would you prefer I talked about movies I saw, with my opinion of them?

I always try and develop my content on my site up as much as possible. I know for a fact that no one has an about me page anywhere near as good as mine. No ones came up with an idea like panels as far as I know. I got a few e-mails and comments that I ripped off Vinhead from something with Mr. T, but I have no idea what their talking about. I came up with that on my own, if someone else did something similar, its just coincidence. And my comics, entirely my vision of a parody of bad comics.It kills me when people say I'm unoriginal or that the “artworks really poor”. They might as well just tell me to go fuck myself. Theres a difference between constructive critism and personal attacks. I mean taste and perception differ from person to person, but how can you not love a poop joke as great as this one. If its one thing I've realized, its that scatological humor works for everybody. Furthermore, the symbolism could be seen as Buttman represnting the un-accepting “sick” world, in this instance, literally shitting all over poor Tranny the transsexual. Or maybe it could just be a funny poop joke. I like for people to make their own minds about me, and any time I'm mentioned or see people talk about me it makes me laugh. This has nothing to do with blogs, other than the type of content that I'd be putting up on my blog. Not that this is a plug thread for it, even though I'm sure “some argue” could be applied here.

So to sum up (which is what Too Long;Didn't Read tl;dr means) - What do you want to read about on a blog? Do you read blogs? Do you have one yourself? What kind of content should blogs have? Is vulgarity acceptable in a blog? and lastly, how much opinion and fact should a blog have? I'm not exactly in the know on stuff, but I could report on things I read just as good as anybody else.
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bongotezz at 9:01PM, July 5, 2007
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the only blog i read is by coyote. he write about video games and movies and other nerd type stuff and posts pictures of boobies.
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SteveMyers22 at 10:32PM, July 5, 2007
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Am I supposed to just write about my day?

The author of Penis should not be stumbling on this particularly unimportant detail.


You already got the hang of blogging according to everything I just read in this post. Unleash the beast! And have at it.

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Sysli at 10:58PM, July 5, 2007
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The horrible secret about blogs is that they are personal. You can write anything you want in any way you want whenever you want. It'll probably not make you popular, everybody and their cat has a blog. And yes, that means me too. Somebody lured me on Livejournal back in the bad old days when it was invite-only and I've been stuck there ever since. But this isn't about me and my pathetic skribbelings.
If you feel like you've got something to say then -er- write it. If you feel like you had the most uninteresting day ever then just don't.
There's no blog-rules. If there was I'd be banned because I'm so boring.
Fact, content, humor, vulgarity. You choose. It's your blog and you write what you feel like.

But if you want to know what I read, here goes:

There's my friends blogs that I skim. Not because it's always that interesting, but they're my friends and I care about what happens to them.
I read one person's blog regularly because she can make -everything- funny. She's an artist that writes about her daily life but unlike the rest of us she can make it laugh out loud funny. That's a quality writer.
Then there's one who specialized in writing rants about books and how to make them less steriotypical. Brilliant stuff for people who dream about writing their own stories or just want to think a bit more about it.
And the last one I'll mention is Neil Gaiman's, because he's telling about what book he's working on/things being worked on that involves him or his books/random observations.

Aaaand that's enough rambling from me. Really. I won't start on photoblogs or poetry-heavy blogs and so on.
Because I may as well show a bit of pride. ^___^

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dueeast at 9:31AM, July 6, 2007
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I've been blogging since 2003. I run a blog on interracial issues called Interrace Haven. Blogs have the same perks and pitfalls as comics: if they're well-written, they're very interesting to read, whether they're about the news, politics, life in general or a very specific area of interest but the posting can be at erratic times. I had a weekly feature for the last year but I got more interested in doing Due East and slacked on the blog (there must always be a balance). The best blogs are like the best comics: they have interesting, well-crafted content and update frequently. I don't claim to have a great blog but I think it is interesting at least.
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RDraconis at 7:09PM, July 7, 2007
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I don't read blogs ever- I've never really cared. I like on webcomics when the people make their rants interesting. The guy on ‘sinfest’ makes his blogs funny and stuff like that, there's a lot of people who bring up problems about the world that you might not hear of otherwise.

I guess write about what's important to you, try not to make it too inside-jokey (not necessarily funny, but if you riddle it with things only your circle of friends know of, it won't be too great), and acknowledge that everyone has blogs.

I don't, personally. I did for awhile, but I'm not good at blogging.
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