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BLUES MAKEING A RPG? :O NO WAY! [info on how ot be in it inside]
bluebot092 at 11:13AM, July 6, 2008
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yes im makeing a rpg i unno about plot and charecters so i need some help so heres your chance to be in it

just pm me this applacation

hero or villan:
info about ur self/ur personality:
a pic of what u look like:

good luck!
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diana_m at 4:45PM, July 6, 2008
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name:Diana W.M.
hero or villan:Anti-Hero?If not,Hero.
info about ur self/ur personality:Cocky,rebellious,wise-ass,sarcastic.Like heroic stuff but can't be tottaly heroic.Because she's a bitch.There.
a pic of what u look like:Look at avatar.
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