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Brand new fantasy webcomic seeks artist.
SoItBegins at 8:09AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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There's a brand new fantasy (sort of) webcomic out there…

…but it needs someone to turn it from a webscript into a webcomic.

The idea is a sort of fantasy/humor comic about 4 adventurers in the fantasy world of a video game (“Chronicles of Riia” ) where the characters match the archetypes when ‘on-stage’ (i.e. when the power's on), but are a little… different.

For example, some of the main characters:

Halien. He (onstage) is the traditional virtuous knight, the ‘paladin’ of D&D. Offstage?

Well, if he who is giddy thinks the world turns round, and he who is conceited thinks the world is focused on him, Halien must think the world turns round him. He is currently studying to be evil, but it isn't working: he seems to be stuck in the ‘Good’ part that he began with…


Jen. The obligatory wise/incredibly beautiful female magic-user. Onstage. Offstage, it's another story.

Jen (offstage) has still yet to find a boyfriend. This includes anyone compelled, using magic. Jen has been known to cause trouble by both inappropriate use of magic and chasing after any man with a pulse over the age of 15, married or not. The inappropriate use of magic bit crops up often– the four were once run out of one town on a rail (literally) following the incident of “The Revolutionary, the Love Potion, and the Mayor's Husband”.

Unfortunately, Jen still hasn't learned from her mistakes.


Eilene is a rather adventurous princess who left her father's castle to seek adventure. Of course, turn the power off, and things become a little different. What really happened is that her father, the king, kicked her out of the castle, where she learned about adventuring very, very quickly.

Why did the king kick her out? Oh, she played a few too many pranks around the place. A few thousand too many.



Finally, we come to Liox, the thief of the party. Standard thief archetype. Power-off Liox is the same, but there's a catch: Liox is extremely paranoid. He is also an insomniac. While he does occasionally catch something really sneaky the other 3 miss, mostly his two ‘status conditions’ just feed off of each other and make him a pain in the rear end.

On the other hand, there's:


Although the ultimate boss of the game, leader of the Dark Hordes, wielder of the– (well, you get the idea), Zhorgazz is really great friends with the four– when the power's off.

Also, there's other things…

Some bosses + other enemies do not stop hating them when they go to offstage, though things become much easier because they can bring out all the stuff that's ‘not supposed’ to be in a fantasy world (like that laser cannon Eilene bought in Zap In Space the other day).

HOWEVER, other bosses/enemies are actually great friends with the four, but have to fulfill their assigned roles while onstage.

There have been some strange characters around lately. Some have demonstrated the talent to bend reality– all realities– to their will. Are they good? Are they evil? Who can tell?

In the real world, there's been some other threats to the game's existence. Politicians who think video games should be banned, crazy wackos who think that fiction is the work of the Devil, and of course, the everpresent threat of the game falling out of style as gamers turn to the next big thing.


In the comic, the four have to think fast for sudden offstage -> onstage quick-changes, avoid death scenes (Jen just hates doing them), fight nasty bosses while onstage, fight worse who would tear the game's reality apart while offstage, and, eventually, thwart a plot by an awesome, evil, near-omnipotent entity who plans to destroy all possible realities, from the measliest fictional world to the big, real world…

…oh yes. And they must avoid the most feared creature in Riia (the dreaded Benevolent Salesman) at all costs.

Now I just need an artist.

OK, let's see…

Ah. Step right up! Step right up! The opportunity of a lifetime, folks, in the shape of a vacancy for an artist! Step right up! Step right up! (spiel goes on)
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