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Bye Everyone: My short Rant
Emotional at 1:57PM, Dec. 24, 2006
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Well… I'v been part of Drunkduck for the longest time (even before the current version). I'v realized its time to call it quits. I love making comics, I love telling stories. But through the years I'v realized my story telling is not going to be through the manga/webcomic world.
Next year I'll be working as a graphic artist for an Inline rollerblading company. That being said I'll have no time to work on comics (as if I'v had time now >_>)

I just wanted to say good bye, and thanks to alot of the folks on DD. You've inspired, thats something I'll never forget.
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subcultured at 2:30PM, Dec. 24, 2006
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good luck!
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iowabarbidoll at 6:14PM, Dec. 24, 2006
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Aw- I understand this completely. Sorry to see you leave though.

Remember that you can always return someday.

Good luck! ^_^

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ozoneocean at 6:17PM, Dec. 24, 2006
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Goodluck man!
And welcome back to Barb as well!
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