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C'hello my friends!
Maybonics at 1:17PM, July 29, 2007
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C'hello my friends, it is I, j'our hero, El Maybonics, making ‘is grand (re; lame) return to DrunkDuck.

Probably no one here knows me but no big… just thought I’d shove my head through the door and say hi. So, uh… “Hi!” I was here for a little while doing a crappy comic, but now I'm back doing a different, but no less crappy, comic.

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Cthulhu at 1:32PM, July 29, 2007
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Welcome back!
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ZeroVX at 1:54PM, July 29, 2007
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Welcome back!

“C'hello”? For a second there, I thought a second Cthulhu showed up.
“If our own government was responsible for the deaths of almost 100,000 people…..would you really wanna know?”

V for Vendetta, V.
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Runosonta at 5:23AM, July 30, 2007
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Blastbeat comp to the two others above :D

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Adariel at 7:41PM, July 30, 2007
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Glad to have you back at DD. Stay a while, have some cookies.
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maritalbliss at 10:09AM, Aug. 1, 2007
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No one can resist the Duck and her musky scent.
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