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warofwinds at 12:37PM, May 16, 2006
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Hey everyone! I've decided to create another dropdown list called “Chronicles” because I know there are more story writers out there than me. No, not script writers–STORY. As in novel. Or short story. Creative prose or essay. This dropdown list is for comic creators who are also authors of any genre of story that deals directly or indirectly with the world and/or characters of their comic. There are some restrictions to the list, mainly that story must be free to read, though not necessarily in it's entirety. This list will not direct to any page to buy the work where it cannot be read. The story must also be updated occaisonally or be finished, and must be hosted on a site without pop-ups (such as angelfire/geocities). It must also have proper/easy navigation, and for goodness' sake MUST be spellchecked. Specific rules can be found at the bottom of this post.

To join, give me:

1) Story name
2) Genre (Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Non-Fiction, etc)
3) Story URL (remember, not profile or portfolio)
4) How it relates to a comic you help work on or have created.
5) Summary! Try to keep it down to a paragraph or two.

Please post the code to corresponding image you like somewhere on your main or links page.


<script language="javascript"
src=""> </script>

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src=""> </script>


<script language="javascript"
src=""> </script>

List Rules (these may be contested at your discretion in this post or with a PM):

a) Said story must deal with your comic in a direct or indirect way. For example, my comic first existed as a written story, and then I one day (foolishly) decided to illustrate it. However, it could be parallel story, different characters, so long as it is in the same world. This dropdown should in some way still appeal to readers of your comic by dealing with your comic.

b) Like a comic, the story must be updated at least semi-occaisionally, or be finished.

c) However much I agree it's very important to encourage new and exploring writers, some degree of craft quality control will be implemented. If you're not sure, PM me, or get some reviews from a peer/teacher/fellow writer.

d) All genres are acceptable. This list will be broken down by genre, in alphabetical order. I can't randomize if I have different sections.

e) All ratings are acceptable SO LONG AS there are warnings of ratings wherever your story is hosted. I don't want people on a PG site finding an X-rated story.

f) Fan fiction…well, so long as you've got a comic with it.

g) No angelfire/geocities/pop-up cites will be acceptable. If you need help making a page on a your site to support your writings, just ask, or post your stories at

h) Dude, spellcheck. If you can't take the time to spellcheck, then you don't put enough effort into writing.

i) For now, English only please.

j) If you're hosting your own story, I demand proper navigation between chapters. Yes demand. Nothing worse than trying to find the next page.

k) This will not link to a portfolio of stories. It will only link to a SINGLE story, though you may freely apply for more than one entry in this list.

*l) The comic the story is somehow related to need only have a minimal archive, 10-15 pages, and needs to updating at least occaisonally.

*m) Story must be free to read.

*n) Obviously, the dropdown must be hosted either on the main page or on the links page.

o) That's a damn long list. I'm stopping now, though I reserve the right to make amendments should the need arise. Why am I being so picky, you ask? Well, I've read some of the stuff that other writers on here have posted, and there's some great material there. I want this list to have a good rep, simple as that.


Don't know what a dropdown is? See how they look and work by going here:

And now that I'm here, I'd also like to remind everyone about the other dropdown I made called “Creations.” It's for comics with unique worlds or histories. The specifics can be found on the page linked above.
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warofwinds at 9:50AM, May 17, 2006
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joined: 1-17-2006
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