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Colorist needed. Apply within... ^_^ (Oiedon Legacy)
MarcusRaven at 4:17AM, Aug. 12, 2008
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I am writing a comic that a friend of mine is drawing.It is entitled Oiedon Legacy. The thing is that neither of us are experienced with digital painting. We were hoping to enlist a colorist into the project, with a little try-out. Below is a drawing done by my artist. Its the main character taking on 8 armed guards. The best rendering of this image gets the part.

A few things to know about this project.
1) We're simply doing this in our spare time, so this would be an unpaid endeavor.
2) The story is about a half-dragon prince, Stryker, forced into a war and basically stripped of free will, and his fight to get his life back.
3) The only requirements for this image are that Stryker's scales are red(ish), hair is brown, and eyes are green.

So, with that all said, here's the image:

Deadline is the 31st of this month. I hope this creates some interest in the coming project, too! Anybody interested, I thank you!
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