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Comic question game
Nintendude at 10:41AM, May 13, 2007
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Say a question about your comic, people have to read that comic to find the answer.
You can post up to three questions per reply.
If you want to answer a question quote the question and type in the answer.
you need at least one comic to play.
Make the question as hard as you want.
But don't ask personal questions about the comic like when it was first posted or what is it's overall rating.
Hints and clues are acceptable, but
only three hints per question.

as an example I will start.
In super mario super comic what does RJCCC stand for?

AWESOME MAN! Here to make the day more AWESOME…..MAN!
Dun dun dun awesomeman AWESOME MANNN!
*repeats until your head explodes*
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Adenn at 12:05AM, May 14, 2007
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Random Jumping Cheep cheep Club

What does Adenn call the hot fairy in the legend of jeuno?
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