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Dinking On The Duck!
Zimm at 7:32PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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Hello folks;

Just found this place while surfing today and thought I would dive in- look around- join up- and perhaps someday contribute.

I am Randy Zimmerman and have been in comics for most of my life, working and printing in the mostly self publishing arenas, I am resposible for such things as Tales From the Aniverse, writing an update for The War Of The Worlds, and the underground comic Spank The Monkey. Lately I have been building up a small graphics company called Zimm Graphix (where I do freelance illustration work, apparel design, small signs and vinyl stickers and such) as well as serving as comic strip editor, and primary contributor, for our local alternative paper The Uncommon Sense.

You can see some of my work at the Arrow Comics website (Arrow has really been in hybernation these last few years), some of my recent strip work can be found at, and my Graphix biz can be found under “Zimm Graphix” on MySpace.

Hopefully, sometime soon I'll be contributing a full on strip here, from what I've discovered surfing this looks like a GREAT place with many cool things to read and follow, and I'm hoping I can be a part of that.

Take Care, Happy Merry Merries and New Years all!

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ozoneocean at 9:53PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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Welcom here to Drunk Duck Zimm! :)
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subcultured at 11:02PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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good to have you here
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