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Dollhouse may need an artist...also some questions...
MarcusRaven at 11:23PM, July 28, 2007
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Hi there. I'm starting to think that my skills in drawing are not going to be enough to properly portray the story I'm trying to get across, and was wondering if there was an artist out there who would be interested in helping me out. I was thinking of starting my comic over, so there would be no fillers to deal with and I would know where I'm going to start out. Also, I've never written a script for a comic before and was wondering what artists look for in a script for a page. If anybody is interested, please PQ me with any information, samples, and what you look for in a script. Then I'll write up new scripts for the pages I want to redo, and hopefully future pages if the communication lasts, and then we could take it from there. I have these great ideas, just not enough artistic skill to get them out. ^_^

Feel free to use subsequent posts to discuss what makes a good script for a comic page. ^_^ (Since I might need tips.)

Oh, and here's a quick link to Dollhouse so you can see the beginning of where I'm going. Any questions you may have about the future of the story will need to be PQed to prevent spoilers to the masses. ^_^
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