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Enter the Duck 3
Aussie_kid at 5:28PM, Jan. 19, 2007
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The manga-sprite series is making a return to the manga side.

Two months after Enter the Duck 2, the sprite authors have gained more confidence and are making the journey to the drawn realm of to destroy the virus once and for all. However, the virus strains are much more powerful and the allies are much fewer. Even with the possible return of the administrators, does the site stand a chance at winning?

Those of you who have read the series (EtD2 would be a more accurate description) know it's about a virus that has hit drunkduck and now the site is down to a few authors, who are fighting to destroy it. The style is a mix of both manga and sprites

What I want in the next installment is it to be more drawn based (Much like the second one was sprite based) and I am not a good enough artist to pull off what I'm going for in the 50 chapter series. It's going to be a serious/comedy mix with a lot of action and probably some difficult poses (Depending on who you are)

I only want some one who can keep the comic on at least a 2-per-week schedule. Any more would be great, but that number would be fine. It's also roughly 15-22 pages a chapter with about 50 chapters in total so it will probably go one for a while. (Although maybe four chapters in the middle will be done with sprites, so I'll do that so the artist can have a break)

Any way, all the characters are already created so you can save time with trying to figure out how they look (Of course, any modifications you wish to make would be fine). If you want, you could be in the series as well

So either post here or PQ me if you're interested, or e-mail me at

PS I am aware EtD2 is still going. I just want to get EtD3 ready so there my readers don't have to have a long hiatus while I search for an artist

Until next time
The Aussie Kid
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