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F**king Hackers!!!!!!
Aurora Moon at 12:59PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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Just blowing off steam here. :evil:

One of my favortive Forums, named Funky Frog Forums, keeps on getting targeted by Hackers over the year….

and I have to say, the shit is getting old.

I mean, why the fuck do they target tihs fourm? it's not like it's anything special. full of adults who likes to talk about the current events, post new articles, talk about religion and such… all the good debate topics…
and everything else in gerenal. it doesn't even have games or anything.

so why do hackers get grafiction out of targeting this forum that's pretty much like any other plain forum out there?

WHY?!!! damnit.

They should be taken apart moclue by moule.. or at least skinned alive!!
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Terminal at 1:55PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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I'll tell you why. They want to prove something, something no one cares about. They want to belong after being shun from the real world. They use kiddy scripts and target sites, just to show their friends how cool of a person they are for taking down one site. They go after a small flaw in the system, then they attack it, they keep on attacking until the site is down.

Then they flaunt it, they think they are the most powerful person in the world.

It an ego thing. I say fuck them.

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Mimarin at 2:58PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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I frequent a site that has in the past been a CONSTANT target for hackers, there was actually a small hacker community that used it for practice, eventually the site got so secure they stopped being able to take it down, that was a good thing.

but hackers are like the rapists of the internet, they only feel good when are dominating something, they take down websites for no actual purpose but to satisfy their egos.

Scum of the internet.
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Also, tell random people they are awsome! it helps!
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Radec at 3:05PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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Not much experience with forum hackers here, but, like a hacker in any game, they only like to ruin people's fun.
they thrive on that sorta thing.
hmm… maybe someone should hire a hacker to hack the hackers?
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Comicmasta at 3:10PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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The hentai forums was hacked not too long ago……damn hackers taking everything that is good away from us!
i have been brought back….The Boanitia..grrrrr…..Must find Super Jesus!!!!!
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Hogan at 4:23PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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I got an axe… whenever I hear about someone hacking something just to proove how “good” he is, I feel like doind some hacking of my own… on the hackers! :evil:

An yes, my own forum also went down once due to a scripthacker… thank God I got som friends who could help me deal with it! :?
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ccs1989 at 4:44PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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Give me a flamethrower and a book of adresses. There won't be anymore hackers bothering you.

Oh, and a teleportation device, cause I don't have a car.

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Radec at 6:11PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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If only it were that easy.
what if they hacked into the controls for the teleportation system?
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Adariel at 7:23PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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they won't, the system will be run by flash cards, lets see them hack into that.
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Radec at 7:25PM, Aug. 22, 2006
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but what if someone holds up the wrong flash card?
he could end up in the moon! :shock:
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draxenn at 10:19PM, Aug. 23, 2006
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then he puts a failsafe that the teleporter will never teleport to the moon. I mean COME ON radec! Get with the program.

I've not had any problems with hackers, save one person who was leaching my wireless internet connection. Put a stop to that in a flasha and haven't had problems since.

One of the reasons your board is targeted is because it's been hit.
Now other hackers want to prove their kung-fu to their peers by hacking the same site. "Well, darkon)elite did it, so I, demonseid_abbarent can do it too! and in RECORD time!)
You get the idea.
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Chameloncholic at 6:06AM, Aug. 24, 2006
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So uh… Volte… remembering to keep the forum updated I hope? :P
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GhostBoy66 at 6:46AM, Aug. 24, 2006
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Hackers suck. I had a guy try to hack my AIM account a few weeks ago. Nothing major happened, thankfully…but it's not helping that sites like Albino Black Sheep were encouraging hacking and forum takeovers. Idiots.
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taltamir at 1:35PM, Aug. 24, 2006
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well, hacker actually means someone who uses hacking, an advanced form of programming, so by definition a script kiddie is not a hacker… Its just that on the news they keep on calling CRACKERS (people who break protections) hackers for some obscure reason.

Well, hackers aren't rapists of the internet, but vandals of the internet. Usually they strike out of:
1. Practice, they want to practice on some website.
2. Valdalism, they are just bored and think it would be fun to destroy someone's work.
3. Vindicitiveness, they feal they have been slighted and are acting in revenge (either they are paranoid or you should look for an abuse admin).
4. Vigilantism, they think the webpage is somehow wrong and evil and they must take it down, weather you agree with that one depends on the webpage and your personality. Targets vary from horribly designed seisure inducing sites, to any form of political site, to sites featuring child porn.

1 and 2 are whats always considered bad, but many so called hackers fall into the 3 and 4 categories, and form the only form of police on the net. (or rather, oppose armies of the various “nations” of peoples opinions). It really comes down to a case by case and person by person judgement call. I for example don't condemn the “evil hackers” when they take out a neo nazi site.

Anyways if hackers are CONSTANTLY targeting a single FORUM then its most likely either category 1 or 3… either its a coincidental practice target for a hacker group. Or there is a really big asshole on the admin team of that forum who makes alot of people cringe for revenge… (don't tell me it never happened to you?).
Not that I ever went out for revenge… its not worth my time to learn how to hack just so i can take out a forum populated by assholes when I can just leave to another, more welcomming, forum.
Then there is the paranoid delusional hacker option.. who beleives is being wronged when in fact he is just held to the same rules as everyone else…

You asked why, now you know :)
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taltamir at 8:20PM, Sept. 2, 2006
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If you're talking about GBA flash cards, well, that's really not that hard. My comp got hacked while I was flashing something to my card. Now some thug prolly has all my ROMs. :(

Because clearly EVERYONE wants your ROMS…

maybe they are really rare expensive roms :)
They didn't hack his computer for roms, they hacked his computer, saw his roms, and took em :) (think house burgelers)… or did they take them ?_?
I do not have a superman complex; for I am God, not Superman!
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Titch at 12:58PM, Sept. 3, 2006
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Don't use PHPbb. If you DO use PHPbb, keep it updated all the time, put all the security hacks on and back up the database once a week. Don't use the default MySQL table headers (I think they are PHPbb_, but I'm not sure) and make all your admin passwords 8 characters plus and a mix of letter and numbers. Free internet forums are never secure, because security features are one of the hardest things to impliment.
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