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Farmillia is coming back
Krensada at 1:36PM, Aug. 10, 2009
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It's been a long time since i have made any updates to my comic, but I have found the inspiration needed to make more pages and return to drunkduck. And I am glad to be back.
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The bunny died upon entering my signature.
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subcultured at 1:37PM, Aug. 10, 2009
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post more about yourself or this gets moved to HELWD :)
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martinlo_23 at 1:49PM, Aug. 10, 2009
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Thanks for coming back. IDK you but its nice to have more members.
DarkMartio rules.(That's me.) The cake is a lie. I heard u lieks mudkips.
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amanda at 7:07PM, Aug. 10, 2009
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Welcome back to the Duck, Kren!
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