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funny story game
bluebot092 at 6:00AM, July 30, 2007
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ok if youve played mad libs then you know how to play this but if you dont here are the rules

ok so i put down a list of blanks the have verb noun adverb that dsort of thing and you say a word thats on the blank and ill fill them and when all the blanks are filled ill make a funny story then ill make new blanks and stuff oh and i forgot you can do only one blank a round so lets start




4.random item
—— —-

ok fill the blanks!
I don't have ADD you're just boring me.
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pastel at 2:31PM, July 30, 2007
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1. noun

Fir tree
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Bekefel at 5:48PM, July 30, 2007
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Please, please, you give me too little credit.
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nerdsareinvading at 3:58PM, Aug. 3, 2007
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bling bling bling, now with 50% more bling…

music is like candy… throw away the rappers

smiley agrees,right? lol!
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therealtj at 7:16PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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Lawn flamingo.

“The only moral it is possible to draw from this story is that one should never throw the letter Q into a privet bush, but unfortunately there are times when it is unavoidable.”
-Douglas Adams, The Restaurant At the End of the Universe
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qdawg at 10:08PM, Aug. 6, 2007
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Verb : destroy
Rockin it fatboy style.
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Cthulhu at 3:14PM, Aug. 9, 2007
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Fir tree high lawn flamingo destroy.

Yup, that's friggin' hilarious. Learn how to make madlibs, and have proper sentence structure before you try to make a thrend like this.

NOTE: This is not the fault of the people who played. The fault lies on bluebot.
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