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god so frusterating
jetfox at 5:52PM, Sept. 27, 2006
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having lack of motivation is what's frusterating, that is the reason i have not been doing jack shit on here.

my other reason is well i've been busy making sims with no 3d experice besides the sims i've edited just now, my last narcore a character of mine kicked my ass royally and after all that blood, sweat, and tears and hours working nonstop, i had redo his whole body, the mapping, the editing, everything.

but thanks to whatever gods are out there his top half that is mapped looks good, and i learned a valuble leson, you can't give them layered clothing the out come is horrible.

need i say more.

so sims is the reason nothing has been getting done.

and now i have
3 comics
15 or so stories might be more
1 music video idea
and i'm not even going to count how many sims
and 1 picture
to get done
beyond the computer i have theropy… if you want to say i'm insane, messed up, diseased, or others go ahead i say the same things to myself constantly, kinda like mental massachism it comforts me.

also i have no schedule for the things i do so it's mass chaos over here god i need a system but order makes me uptight so i'll stick with a racing heart and bombardiing anzity.
but that's my reason for not doing shit.
In the immortal words of Saix “Moon shine down!!!!”
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