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Hello from deanlegion!
deanlegion at 9:06PM, Feb. 12, 2010
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I'm brand new here. I just posted STARSEARCHERS here a few days ago. It's written by my fellow Legion of Superheroes fan and buddy, Michael Lash.

A few months ago, I asked Lash if he could write a short comic story for me for a new portfolio piece. He came back with this epic galactic adventure with a cast of what I'm sure is in the jillions! I was immediately sure I needed to illustrate it.

I've done a few sequential comic pages in the past, but it seemed nothing ever saw the light of day. So, Starsearchers is it!

Lash and I can both be found having fun at . We hope to get to know this place as well.

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Erad at 9:40PM, Feb. 12, 2010
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Hi Dean!

Welcome to DD

All the best with your strip and I hope you enjoy it here on the site.

Hope to see you around the forums.

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Peipei at 5:40AM, Feb. 14, 2010
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Hello ^^ Welcome to DD. Looking forward to seeing more comics from you :).

I like Pie!
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Lew at 11:40AM, Feb. 28, 2010
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Hey Dean!! I just now signed up for DD. It is good to see you on here. I swear, I'm not stalking you. You know me from CBR, where I have “Moxinsghost” after Lew.
Everybody, Dean here is a fast artist and a great designer!
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martinlo_23 at 8:37PM, March 1, 2010
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Nice to meet you! If you need help, don't be afraid to ask!
DarkMartio rules.(That's me.) The cake is a lie. I heard u lieks mudkips.
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tammster at 12:59PM, March 2, 2010
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Wow your comic looks great. Welcome to DD.
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deanlegion at 12:16PM, March 14, 2010
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Hi Lew! Good to see you, too!

tammster, thank you for the generous comments about Starsearchers!

Thanks for the other nice words, folks!

martinlo_23 – I need help! Where is the best place in this forum to hang out, to get to know the regulars? I'd be happy to be more involved in the crit/plug concept. I feel like a major noob!

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