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Hello to DD pplz!!
theshazerin at 4:55AM, April 30, 2010
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Hi guys, I've been on Drunk Duck for a month now, and I gotta say, this has got to be one of the best webcomic hosting sites so far! The community and people here are so lively and you cant really find another webcomic site that has the same… well, “feel” to it. The people here support each other, forums have plenty of topics people can get together and chat about, and there's the Monday and Thursday features we can all look forward to and discover all the talents hiding around in DD. I'm hooked, lolz. XD

Well, introducing myself, my name is Shaz and my aim is to be an animator under a Japanese animation studio house, and become a published manga artist. Though I know its impossible to do one with the other once you're accomplished under either fields. BUT for now, I'm focusing on manga. I love anime, manga and Japan culture, and Japanse in general. You could say I'm crazy about Japan, lolz. I also have a wierd habit of tickling people, in particular to people of the same sex, which led to claims of me being gay, BUT i'm not gay. Seriously.

Okay, enough of intro. Well, I hope to get to know a lot of people here and make some friends along the way. Signing off! XD
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Erad at 2:53PM, April 30, 2010
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Welcome Shaz!

I'm glad you like it here. I hope you continue to enjoy the site.

All the best
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rokulily at 9:44PM, May 3, 2010
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well, you already know the awesomeness that is dd so all i'm gonna say is hi!

and of course the best lucks with your duel dreams… oh cool, you're helping mett with the forum fighters thing. that'll look awesome i bet!

see ya around!
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TheFlyingGreenMonkey at 12:09AM, May 4, 2010
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Hopefully working on the forum fighters will help you pratice your manga skills. :D

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Mettaur at 4:06PM, May 4, 2010
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Yes! I have a professional artist! A bit late for introductions, but I hope you enjoy the site more, and that you enjoy working with the Forum Fighters Team. Have fun with it!
Been years since I was here. I've been at rehab since. So uh. Yknow, things got interesting.
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theshazerin at 1:06PM, May 5, 2010
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@Erad: Thanks! I hope so too! XD

@rokulily: Hi there! Yes, DD is awesome! Thanks, manga & animation, when I'm faced with those choices, it would be tough to choose… and I hope Forum Fighters would do well too. =D

@TheFlyingGreenMonkey: Hi! Yes, I promise to do my best for Forum Fighters! XD

@Mettaur: Hi bro! Thanks, I look forward to working with the team! =D
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