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Hey, what's shakin'?
finalfantasyfreak_07 at 1:09PM, April 19, 2007
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._. Mm, feelin' a bit awkward here, but probably because nobody knows me yet. >w>; Well, I wanted to introduce myself to the community, and I hope to contribute my share of hopes, dreams, and long nights spent sweating over manga paper, pencil clutched in my nerdy fist. XD I live to serve.

Um, well, I've just started my little FF7 fancomic here, and I hope to do some straight original work down the road as I gain experience. .w. I'll be sure to browse as many comics as I can and share my advice and ideas. I'll really probably be drooling in admiration. >.>

I like anime and manga as long as it's not overblown, long-winded, and overrated, and pretty much any funny comic will do. I have a passion for videogames, and one day, I'd like to work for Square-Enix. ._. My favorite foods are buffalo wings and crab wonton, and I'm half-Asian…My blood type is O negative. XD Is that enough about me? A bit much? I'm sorry. ..;


“N00b?! Why, them's fightin' l337!”
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Hijuda at 2:09PM, April 19, 2007
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Buffalo wings? I can dig that. Welcome to DD.
It's a comic!

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Adariel at 10:25PM, April 19, 2007
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i always wanted to be in square enix too, but that aint happening meh.
welcome to DD!
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finalfantasyfreak_07 at 9:45PM, April 21, 2007
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.w. Hey guys, thankees for saying “hi.”

Turns out I might have a rare blood type, and I always thought I'd die in a traffic accident in which I get mowed over by an eighteen-wheeler picking up a penny…So, if I DO manage to survive THAT, the bloodloss will kill me. XD

You know. Just a random factoid.

..; Uh…..Hello, everyone else. .w.;

“N00b?! Why, them's fightin' l337!”
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