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Hi Everyone!
Priest_Revan at 8:46AM, Nov. 29, 2007
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Ah yes, 3D comics. Always thought those were interesting and I've only seen one other here. You'll defitely find a fan base during your stay here.

Oh, and welcome.
Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's (depends).


Offering Project Wonderful Ad space on my website.
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crazyninny at 1:05PM, Nov. 29, 2007
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AQua_ng at 1:14PM, Nov. 29, 2007
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K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
K.A.L.A.-dan forums!
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Lord Shplane at 5:33PM, Nov. 29, 2007
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And so it is written. In the Bible.

No really, I think it's in Leviticus somewhere.
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maritalbliss at 7:06PM, Nov. 29, 2007
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Welcome to Drunk Duck, Charles. Hope you enjoy it here. Daily updates is a hard thing, you are a braver man than I.
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amanda at 9:20PM, Nov. 29, 2007
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Welcome to the fray
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Orange at 9:52PM, Nov. 29, 2007
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Welcome to DD :D!
Enjoy your stayyyy.
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