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booger at 6:05PM, March 31, 2007
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Been here since March 15, and I just thought I'd tell ya about my 2 comics.

One is INQUIETUS. It's about Van and his baby sister Serenity who are the descendants of two ancient masters who kept the world in check. Only thing is, they have to figure out how to finish what they started while maintaining their own issues and powers at the same time.

The second one is A Few Brain Cells Short of Normal. It's basically about my life and my family and friends. Really random stuff in there.

I hope y'all enjoy them if ya get a chance ta check'em out ^^

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WingNut at 9:45PM, March 31, 2007
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Well hello! I checked out your comics, and they seem most interesting, I'm anxious to see where they go! I like your style, and your crisp lineart is something I wish I had the ability to master.

Ahh, but soon, Welcome mate, enjoy your stay here. :D


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booger at 9:07AM, April 1, 2007
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hehheh thank u! and i do believe i will enjoy my stay here ^^
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mechanical_lullaby at 9:53AM, April 1, 2007
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hah… you're name's booger.

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Priest_Revan at 12:40PM, April 1, 2007
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(I like your comic Inquietus)
Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's (depends).


Offering Project Wonderful Ad space on my website.
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kingofsnake at 10:28AM, April 2, 2007
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