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Horror/Supernatural Writer Needed
Scribe_Drizz at 4:54AM, March 4, 2011
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I'm looking for a writer to help me reboot my comic, Saint Christopher's Orphanage for Lost Children. I started work on it a few years ago, but was too busy to really committ. Since then, I've finished school, got a better job, and now I'm ready to focus.

It's a dark, urban fantasy about magical creatures forming a group to protect each other in the modern world, but someone inside the group is draining the other occupants of their powers and memories.

The story was originally a roleplaying game my friends and I had, but too many players moved away before the game ended. I have an artist, BlackSaiyan from DeviantArt. Character and scene designs were done by ExiledDelusion, also on DA. We've started some pages for the first chapter. I'll give out the Google Docs link to anyone interested.

What I need is a horror writer who can give the story closure.

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