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kafine at 4:47PM, Feb. 19, 2010
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Hello there all, my name is Kath and I am embarking on the journey of comic for the first time. Well technically I guess this is the second time since I once did a comic strip about Tubeworms but it was silly and didn't get past 20 strips. But anyway.

I am from Wales, I am 22, and I am fairly useless at everything. I also have low self-esteem.

Um… there's not much more to add really. I mean, you know I draw, and that's the main part!

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Erad at 4:47AM, Feb. 20, 2010
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Kath, you made me angry!

If you were serious about your low self esteem, then we need to have a talk!

I already checked out your strip and it looks really good. Your art is FAR better than anything I could produce. Your strip reminds me of The Chronicles of Wyrden but your strip looks softer, more shaded. I'm really impressed.

Look don't base any judgment on yourself from purely external opinions. My fan base for example keeps fluctuating and if I based my worth on that, I would be on some roller coaster.

I really enjoyed your strip, you have a lot to look forward to.


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tammster at 2:04AM, March 3, 2010
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I agree with Frank. You have a wonderful style of drawing and are really talented. I love the use of colors and your soft shading.
Don't doubt yourself your doing great. :D
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